TuneUp Utilities

What is TuneUp Utilities?

tuneup utilitiesLike many other computer utilities, TuneUp Utility is yet another one of them to boost up the computers performance. Many people have old computers which have less amount of space on both hard disks and RAM; this makes the computer particularly slower. While the other set of people even with the same old configuration of computer do know how to optimize it in such a way that they can use it to its maximum potential. Those computers tend to get crashed more than often also they get particularly slow especially when any heavy software is tried to be opened, such utilities come to then help clients who cannot afford a new computer. They are helped to optimize their old personal computers so to be used and so to enjoy all new software programs.

How does it work?

TuneUp utility works like any other systems utility reaching out to make the most out of the computer. These software programs may work on registers of the computer or simply in the front end of the computer. This software specifically runs in the registers hence seeming to be not present to the user. There isn’t much that the user needs to do after installation of this utility software to make the computer optimized. It speeds up the computer on its own and maintains it by regular checkups and regular fragmentation. The response time of the computer is increased automatically without the user to do much effort. Along with this it also includes memory management software that will keep the computer’s memory free from duplications or unwanted software; it will also enhance the storage pattern by filling in all gaps between data. Shortcuts to software programs that are no longer present are deleted automatically along with many unwanted corrupted or virus infected files.

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The Pros of TuneUp Utility

It is very easy to use, does not require much from the user other than being installed. It optimizes the computer quickly and without any problems. It has more than one facility packed within it such as memory management and maintenance. The interface is user friendly and is not difficult to understand.

The cons of TuneUp Utility Software

There are not many cons of this software that have reported on elaborate bases. Although it is reported that its repair recovery feature often deletes files that are used by the user but have an unknown format to it. Along with this there have also been reports saying that the software developers are not keen respondents to customer’s queries. The answers to queries provided on the official website too are regarding installation and problems faced during activation only.

The Verdict

TuneUp utility software has been tested in various conditions and has excelled in optimizing the computer and enhancing the maintenance. It costs only $39.95 for all its facilities including the memory management, optimization and computer maintenance. . There have hardly been any complaints about this software and so comes in highly recommended.

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