Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Stellar Photo RecoveryWhat is Stellar Photo Recovery?

Stellar Photo Recovery is a software launched by Stellar. This company has been in the good books of the users and software developers since many years. The program, Stellar Photo Recovery itself has been fairly successful in fulfilling its motto. This software is used for recovering and getting back the data lost previously due to deletion or due to corruption or damaging of files. It is very useful software especially for the people who do not know much about computers, as with very little easy steps, the lost data can be fully recovered by the user himself.

How are the pictures recovered?

It always is a very dreaded situation when you accidently delete your photos or they fail to open. These photos contain the precious memories you have captured throughout your life and losing these pictures are somewhat equal to losing these memories. Many people hire professional photographers for functions, imagine you deleting all the pictures of the event and then having the hassle to rush to the photographer to give the pictures again. He might even charge some extra cash for it. This is where Stellar Photo Recovery can put you at ease and can be helpful to quite some extent. You simply have to select the drive where the pictures were initially saved or to make it quicker you can narrow down the area specifically where the photos were saved. The software, Stellar Photo Recovery will then go through that area or drive or even the whole computer, as you may wish, to show the photos that were deleted. First you will have to select the file types you are looking for; it is advised that you check them all so you can easily find almost all of your photos. After the scan is completed a list of photos is shown so that they can be recovered. You then chose a path to save the photos that have been recovered and then image is formed saving the files on the location or path that you have specified.

Stellar Photo Recovery screenshot

The Pros

This software comes with a manual and help file which makes the software really very easy to use. Also the software can successfully recover photos not only from the user’s computer and laptop but also from other storage devices such as external hard drives, memory sticks, SD cards cameras etc. It also supports many photo types so recovering is easy. It is quick and stylish too.

Then Cons

Even though it is very easy to use, it might be difficult for beginners to use it successfully. Also once the file is corrupted, it might go beyond repair and so no image will be shown even if it is recovered effectively from the memory.

The Verdict

The Software is very easy to use and is highly user friendly with a price tag of only $39. This product is highly recommended due to positive reviews from all over the world.


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