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Investing in that Perfect Robust Machine

DiskimageLaplink DiskImage holds the mission to “not just secure your data but to secure your PC”. Quite a general statement don’t you think when a lot of specifications regarding different dimensions fall into running the computer smoothly. Ask a computer savvy who will state the requirements and specifications that are looked into when deciding on what computer to purchase for once that machine comes into your household, it somewhat becomes your identity and a lot of thought and screening goes in the process of choosing the perfect PC. However due to current times, these machines may not prove to hold reliability for a long duration as with the vast amount of software’s and programs being downloaded, it becomes a critical implication to have backup. So does Laplink DiskImage really fit into this loophole – this Laplink DiskImage review will help you to decide for yourself!




Laplink’s state of the art Technologies

Laplink Software has been making its presence felt for over 25 years, offering solutions and innovative techniques that are meeting the needs of 15million PC and Mac users. It has surely come a long way from its signature Laplink cable made in 1983, and has achieved critical appeal and acceptance for the solutions and state of the art innovation wagon it gave from the creation of the PCmover being termed as one the best migration product in the world. However the latest invention with innovation embedded in all of its angles is surely the Laplink DiskImage. It is stated to keep all your important documents and files through creating an exact identical copy of all the current settings on your computer relating to your programs, files, applications and images. It holds the distinctive feature that once the DiskImage is restored, the way your PC was setup is restored in the exact same manner regardless of whether the same PC was used for restoration or another was utilized.

Allowing your Personal Laptop to form dual identities

Hence Laplink DiskImage allows you to carry your computer with you – whether it’s in its physical appearance or in a virtual compact manner. It allows its users to carry out the imaging process through a variety of easy depending on the edges and comfort in which they want things done. As stated by Randy Clark , the COO of Laplink “ with DiskImage, automated, as well as custom settings are available depending on the user’s needs. Also, thanks to the Start CD (which includes additional system rescue tools) you can quickly have all your important data available again – even, if Windows fails to start up.” Thus Laplink does happen to have the perfect solution to our losing data problems.

Technicalities may prove to be a problem

However not many are technical savvy and with its features such as Virtual Hard Disc, Visualizing Data, Service and Job status, and enhanced burin function, going through the manual book may prove to be a hassle and not as user-friendly as expected. Nonetheless with a little studying and cross referencing with other users, Laplink Dislmage’s worth can be measured extensively.

the buy of the day –Laplink DiskImage

Proving to bring innovation with customization and great efficiency, Laplink DiskImage is the ‘buy of the day’ and with different pricing deals (like the download version for $39, 95, 10-pack license for $350, and 5-pack license for $180), it is a product well-invested in.


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