iolo System Mechanic

Overview of iolo System Mechanic

SystemMechanic_boxDesigned by Iolo Technologies, a company recognized for creating software programs for the repair and maintenance of computers, the Iolo System Mechanic program allows regular and professional computer users to boost the performance of their PCs, by regular maintenance, which eliminates system problems, keeping them risk-free.

More Details of iolo System Mechanic

Overtime, without proper maintenance, a computer starts collecting junk files, useless folders and errors that negatively affect a PC’s performance and lead to an overall system slow-down. This can have serious consequences on your computer, in the form of system failures, restarts and crashes. The Iolo System Mechanic is designed to uncover and target all potentially problematic computer issues such as file clutter, misalignment of system programs and disused programs, among many others that contribute to computer speed and performance drainage. System Mechanic diagnoses all problems affecting your PC, provides repair options and allows you to choose which issues you want to tackle, in order to maximize the optimal functioning of your PC.

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The Cons

The product has given some users issues with computability and loading time. The Iolo System Mechanic is incompatible with w/VISTA 64w SP1, making it an exclusive facility. Moreover, several downloaders have raised concern about the way this software tackles PC problems. The System Mechanic tends to freeze sometimes when encountering a problem and demands and immediate shutdown of said program/file by forcing it to quit. The un-installment of the software also proves a little troublesome, as it decreases speed almost straightaway. So, users can have difficulty removing this program once their computers have been repaired.


The Pros

The Iolo System Mechanic has received great reviews for its flexibility, functionality and results. This praise can be attributed to Iolo System Mechanic’s many remarkable features such as the CRUDD Remover, which effectively eliminates redundant programs that aid in system congestion, and the newly added Whole Home Licensing which add all your house PCs onto a single network of System Mechanic, thereby ensuring that all your PCs operate swiftly and problem-free.The product, at a low price of $39.95, offers remarkable control over the types of problems you want to specifically target. The user can choose from manual and automatic settings according to the requirements of their computers and the system adjusts accordingly.Essentially, this product increases your systems speed, rids it off its problem and keeps it’s running to its utmost potential. The Iolo System Mechanic also comes in a trial back that allows users to test first and then buy the product, in order to ensure customer satisfaction.


Based on the astounding reviews, I would definitely recommend this product to regular PC users, as the Iolo System Mechanic is extremely beneficial for keeping your computer running effectively and saving you a trip to your PC repair shop. It is easy-to-use and offers both a manual and automatic approach, offering flexibility and convenience, which make it a must-have for your personal computer.

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