Driver Boost

Driver BoostDriver Boost is a program that scans your computer thoroughly and looks for the installed or connected hardware. It locates all of the drivers and provides them a much convenient format. It’s only 29.97 USD for one year’s subscription on up to 10 computers. It helps to speed up your computers boost time and improves the performance of your computer. With this software installed you need not to worry about missing drivers on your computer and to upgrade them. With ultra fast scanning, less time is consumed. There is customer support and money back guarantee; however the time of refunding might take a long time. However, I recommend you try Systweak Advanced Driver Updater firstly.

Systweak Advanced Driver Updater

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Features of driver boost

  • It is a 100% safe and advanced technology.
  • It detects the drivers on your computers and matches them with the most up-to-date drivers available.
  • It guarantees to find the most accurate driver for the brand of your computer.
  • It enables your system to speed to download all the drivers at a blazing speed.
  • User friendly interference has been set up to guide the user for its proper functioning.
  • It shows what you need to do to upgrade the drivers on your computer.
  • It has a massive database. It has information about over 1000,000 drivers and chooses the most accurate for the computer.
  • It helps improve the overall performance of your computer.
  • As soon as the new version is available in the comprehensive data base. You will be notified to upgrade the latest version.
  • If the new version of the driver does not work the driver assist you in going back to previous version of the driver.
  • Friendly driver boost staffs are available at your service to answer any question in a flash.
  • It also has a feature available “driver buddy” for those customers who are willing to have a hand holding and choose the drivers manually.
  • Step by step instructions are available for the installation of the driver


  • Improves working of computer.
  • Speed up the processing of the core.
  • Less time is consumed with the blazing speed.
  • Has a complete scan history available.
  • Scans your system free of charge.


  • The new upgraded version might not work properly.
  • Money back guarantee is promised however it can take a long time which can be annoying.

Driver Boost


Concluding, one must say this product is completely useful for those who value time over money as it helps download the drivers at a great speed. It is much easier to use and understand. It scans your drivers free of charge and always notifies about the new version of the driver available and in a blink of an eye the driver gets successfully downloaded on your computer. The performance of the computer is significantly improved. It assures you to get the latest and the most upgraded drivers for your computer or for the connected devices. Considering it pros as compare to its cons, it does deserve a try.

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