AVG PC Tuneup

Overview of AVG PC Tuneup and the company

Should you wish to attain peak performance of your PC; restore it using AVG PC Tuneup that will not only speed up your PC; it will also clean the entire hard drive along with providing anti freezing and crashing solutions. The product under discussion is one out of several by AVG, a 1991 founded company that only aims at protecting computer users around the globe. Sole purpose of the company is providing cutting the edge security technologies to end users, thus AVG PC Tuneup is highly reliable security software that takes the company a step ahead further in software market.However, Systweak is the most professionally at system optimizer and its product ASO 3 is highly recommended.

Main Features

System Requirements:

If you have a PC with the ideal requirements such as:

  • An Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz or faster processor
  • 250 MB RAM memory
  • Any of the Operating Systems i.e. MS Windows XP, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows Vista x64 Edition, MS Windows 7 x64 Edition or MS Windows 7

Then AVG PC Tuneup software is going to prove absolutely worth the nominal price you have to pay for it i.e. $34.99. However, an Intel 1.5 GHz Pentium process and 64MB RAM memory along with 50 MB free hard disk space are the minimum system requirements to benefit from the software. In addition to English, the product is compatible with multiple languages of the world. Also consider the following features:

  • Privacy protection
  • Recovery of accidentally deleted data/files
  • File Recovery
  • Permanent deletion of files Disk wiping
  • File Shredder
  • Disk Wiper
  • Disk Doctor

The Good

AVG PC Tuneup helps users fine tune the Internet settings of a PC for maximizing online speed. Internet connection settings can be evaluated using Internet Optimizer including settings such as RWIN, MTU or Max etc. The settings are thus tweaked that results in increase the connection speed(s). Lags or so called unwanted interruptions are decreased. Registries (cluttered or corrupted) and applications that are slowed down, PC experiencing stability issues etc can be best eliminated using this software. Registry Cleaner enables users scanning/removing all temporary or duplicate data and deals with freezing or crashing and repair issues too.

The Bad

Some times the Mozilla Firefox users may experience AVG Security Toolbar as well as the AVG Safe Search add-on unavailability issues, especially Mozilla Firefox 8 users. Security Toolbar may suffer delayed connection with the AVG application. Then the white-listed files will not be removed by the AVG PC Tuneup, restart system requests may follow repeatedly or some installation errors such as 0xE001003E (AVG 2012) may also occur.

The Verdict

Overall, the salient features listed above (many more not even listed here) make the AVG PC Tuneup unique and highly recommendable software to benefit from. Two additional features i.e. Disk Defragmenter and Window Registry Defragmenter will also charm users for reorganizing data files on disks and cleaning PC’s Windows registry efficiently. Using this software ensures faster and rapid disk speeds, evidently improved overall PC performance and much more. Give ASO a try thus!


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